Composing update 8/30

My last post made it seem like I was about to launch myself into a huge analytical project on Mahler’s Ninth Symphony, and I still plan to do that soon. But the fact is, I am heading back to grad school within a month, I still have a lot to worry about and I have an album to finish. So that project will have to go on the back burner for now. I still have plenty of thoughts on the Symphony, but in due time. 

Meanwhile, I am nearing the completion of my album. I have just about reached the point of diminishing returns where going back in to remix a track to roll of 1dB from the ride cymbal or adding more automation seems pointless. I do believe that this is the best effort I can put in at this point in my life, which was my intention when starting this whole thing about nine months ago.

The bulk of the album is done, but I decided that I needed to compose some interludes and softer pieces to contrast with the louder, more chaotic moments. This also adds some thematic coherence to the album. I hope to have the whole thing done by the time I go back to school, and then I have the post-production stuff to worry about like how to release it, album art, titles, etc.

I also am gonna leave some of the various pieces that I’ve composed off the album, either because they are unfinished, they’re finished but I don’t find them particularly interesting, or because they are finished and would work better in the context of another album.

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