Quarantine Diaries: December 16

So the good news is, I finished my first term of grad school with straight As, finished two great research papers and two compositions, and I’m nearly done with my album. The bad news, in case you couldn’t tell from the title, is that I have Covid-19. 

I thought it wouldn’t happen and I got careless (yes I have my vaccines and wear my mask). It sucks and I not much else to say about it. I hate myself for potentially exposing my friends and family to it, and I have already gone through the stages of grief multiple times about it. The only thing for me to do now is quarantine for the foreseeable future and hope that doctors and my body will let me see my family for Christmas. 

To try and look at the positives, staying inside for a week gives me some time to read, write, and play Halo Infinite, and since I can only stand to play video games for a few hours a day, hopefully I can get some real work done. We’ll see where this takes me. Maybe get around to reading all those huge books I got to this term?

One response to “Quarantine Diaries: December 16”

  1. hi there: i just went through it: rehearsal with a friend on Dec. 1, followed by 2 gigs and 4 days later what seemed to be a champagne hangover, but the following day i tested positive for covid. my grown kids tested negative and are still testing. my wife and i hunkered down by the fire and kept in contact with our Legacy docs. it is 12 days since my symptoms—which only lasted that day. I did feel the shame and blame but gosh, half the Tottenham Hotspurs are positive. Being a musician kinda made it tougher, cancelled 2 gigs but this stuff is all over the place , so I am off to Safeway, Barnes and Noble,Wells Fargo, Dollar tree (cheapo cards) and ready to catch up on gift shopping on Hawthorne. This will pass, no advice about writing music or listening to it. I did enjoy chasing 60’s bands down the rabbit hole and promise to learn a Youngbloods or Buffalo Springfield song for the Reverb Brothers or Gravel, where I play bass. Chin up, vitamins down and longer meditations for all. best, michael kearsey jmichaelkearsey.com



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