CV Update June 2022: First year of Grad School, Album and future posts

I haven’t had as much time lately to devote to working on this site thanks to graduate school, but now that summer is here I will have more opportunities to publish things, including some of the papers I wrote for classes I am most proud of. It was a busy year, and next year isContinue reading “CV Update June 2022: First year of Grad School, Album and future posts”

Favorite books I read in 2021 (and 2020)

If I can be so presumptive and assume that people are interested to hear what books I read this year, here are the ones I liked the most. To keep myself from rambling, I’ll keep my summaries of each book to one or two sentences. These are organized by the order in which I readContinue reading “Favorite books I read in 2021 (and 2020)”

Quarantine Diaries: December 16

So the good news is, I finished my first term of grad school with straight As, finished two great research papers and two compositions, and I’m nearly done with my album. The bad news, in case you couldn’t tell from the title, is that I have Covid-19.  I thought it wouldn’t happen and I gotContinue reading “Quarantine Diaries: December 16”

Introducing Continuous Variations

I’m supposed to write one of these posts to introduce myself, but that’s not really my thing. I’m not here to talk about what I ate for lunch or what sorts of activities I’m up to in my day-to-day. Truthfully this started as an outlet for all the various things that I’ve written about overContinue reading “Introducing Continuous Variations”