Favorite books I read in 2021 (and 2020)

If I can be so presumptive and assume that people are interested to hear what books I read this year, here are the ones I liked the most. To keep myself from rambling, I’ll keep my summaries of each book to one or two sentences. These are organized by the order in which I readContinue reading “Favorite books I read in 2021 (and 2020)”

Davis Stubbs’ Fear of Music, Zappa, and some ephemera

On a recent trip to the local bookstore I picked up two books: The Real Frank Zappa Book and Fear of Music. The former is pretty well-known: Zappa is a recognizable name among most people, even if they cannot tell you a single song of his besides “Valley Girl,” “Bobby Brown Goes Down,” and maybeContinue reading “Davis Stubbs’ Fear of Music, Zappa, and some ephemera”

This is Not Normal: Negativland Live

I have made it a goal to post at least something each week here, but last week I was busy with boring personal stuff that isn’t pertinent to this blog. So now we resume your regularly scheduled programming.  I recently saw San Francisco experimental music legends (?) Negativland, who are embarking on their It’s NormalContinue reading “This is Not Normal: Negativland Live”

Composing update 8/9

In addition to my work as a writer, a sound engineer and soon-to-be grad student, I am also a composer.*  I spent much of last year studying the modern orchestral repertoire, for I wanted to compose an orchestral piece. Having not much else to do after being laid off, I threw myself into an overlyContinue reading “Composing update 8/9”