CV Update June 2022: First year of Grad School, Album and future posts

I haven’t had as much time lately to devote to working on this site thanks to graduate school, but now that summer is here I will have more opportunities to publish things, including some of the papers I wrote for classes I am most proud of. It was a busy year, and next year isContinue reading “CV Update June 2022: First year of Grad School, Album and future posts”

Quarantine Diaries: December 16

So the good news is, I finished my first term of grad school with straight As, finished two great research papers and two compositions, and I’m nearly done with my album. The bad news, in case you couldn’t tell from the title, is that I have Covid-19.  I thought it wouldn’t happen and I gotContinue reading “Quarantine Diaries: December 16”

Composing update 8/9

In addition to my work as a writer, a sound engineer and soon-to-be grad student, I am also a composer.*  I spent much of last year studying the modern orchestral repertoire, for I wanted to compose an orchestral piece. Having not much else to do after being laid off, I threw myself into an overlyContinue reading “Composing update 8/9”