Performance: Rewire, December 2nd

I’m performing tonight in Lincoln Hall 115 at 8 pm, as the final project for one of my classes this term. The concert, called “Rewire,” is a series of performances for live electronic music, with a wide variety of music between the sets. My piece, titled “Exit/No Exit,” is for piano and live effects processing via a Max/MSP patch. My good friends at KPSU generously offered to sponsor the performance too.

I also am performing under my artist’s name, Topos. I’ve been quietly dropping pieces on Bandcamp for the past year to provide an outlet for various pieces of mine. I was aiming to publish something once a month, though you can see for yourself how well that plan turned out.

I hope to turn this site into an honest-to-god artist’s page, with links to my music and such. But, being a perfectionist, I haven’t felt comfortable putting my work out there in such a bold way before. This is the start, I guess.

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